Thursday, January 22, 2004

Somewhere, Don Cherry's head has just exploded 

Tie Domi is thinking of putting on a visor

While it's amusing in many senses to see Cherry's favorurite tough guy putting on a visor because his wife badgered him into it, in all seriousness, I think its a great thing. One of the major resons that a lot of players resist putting on a visor is because they think that they'll be ridiculed by fellow players, and their toughness will be questioned. When one of the toughest guys in the game essentially says "Keeping my eyes is more important than looking tough", that makes a huge statement. I get the sense that a lot of players would gladly wear a visor if they thought it was "credible". Maybe if more players, especially enforcers, came out like this the attitude toward visors will start to change.

Of course, he may never wear one in a game, but just the fact that he came out with the statement is a step forward.