Thursday, January 15, 2004

How many times can I trade thee? Let me count the ways. 

...says the resilient Bruce Garrioch. Now, I rarely read the Sun, but even I'm all too aware of Garrioch's quest to speculate Bonk right out of town. Listening to the pre-game show on the Team 1200 on Tuesday, I thought Dean Brown did a good job of bringing some balance to the matter. Despite Bonk's tendency to occasionally disappear like he's Frodo wearing the One Ring, he does bring a set of skills that would be difficult to replace. He's a big centre that can shut down other teams' best players. He's decent, if streaky, offensively. Also, he's stepped it up a notch in the playoffs each of the past two years. While he has his shortcomings, I don't know who would replace him without sacrificing either defence or offence.

(Heh.Heh the spellchcker offers "garish" as a replacement for Garrioch)