Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Would the real Patrick Lalime please stand up?

That is the question. Lalime let in some unquestionably weak goals on Saturday against the Bruins. He was down and out painfully early on the SH goal. The winner through the wickets was nearly as ugly. Weak goals have been all too common an occurrance for Lalime this year. He also had his share in the playoffs last year, especially in the Devils series.

Some fans scream for changes. They think Prusek should be the #1, conveniently forgetting his first couple of games (not to mention his total helplessness on wraparounds) in favour of his last few before his injury. They also call for Emery to get the starting job, and though he is the future #1, no one can expect him to carry the load for now. I've even heard suggestions of Cujo (interesting, but Cujo doesn't even look any better than Lalime recently) and even Arturs Irbe. Arturs Irbe! C'mon, who lets these clowns on the radio? That's a rant for another day though.

Reality is though, no goaltender is perfect. Brodeur aside, very few others are even close to it. Every goaltender has his hot and cold streaks. Lalime's has seemed even longer because of the flu. In the end, Lalime is a top 10 goalie. The Sens need to stick with him.